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Our office was established in February 2010 under the Ministry of Interior Circular No. 2010/06 published in January 2010. On 24.10.2011, the current directive was published and the working principles and procedures were determined. In January 2015, in accordance with the decision taken by the Governorate Authority, sub-Project Offices were created in 17 District Governorships and the assignments were completed.




Cemile Çetin TURAN

Project Expert


Project Expert



Project Expert


Derya Deniz GÜVEN

Project Expert



Coordinating the work with the Directorate for EU Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Department of European Union and Foreign Relations,
To implement the European Union Communication Strategy and Action Plan at the local level, to ensure coordination between local and Central organizations within the European Union Harmonization Process, to support the development of cooperation between local institutions in the European Union Harmonization Process,
To ensure that the European Union is explained correctly to the local people,
To ensure that local NGOs have access to accurate information on the European Union,
Institutions / organizations and Civil Society under the European Union Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance
To inform the institutions to ensure that they benefit from the Grant Fund Resources,
Institution / organization to benefit from European Union and other International and National Grant resources
and non-governmental organizations, providing training, technical support, consultancy,
Following and organizing infrastructure projects in line with the needs of our city through international grant funding sources,
To prepare and carry out projects deemed appropriate by the Governorship on behalf of our province,
To support Regional Development Agency studies,
Organizing and coordinating the Project studies locally determined by the Provincial Governor, following the grant resources related to the project issues, and preparing projects,
To provide information on European Opportunities for young people and youth workers,
Gathering and ensuring the operation of the Advisory and Steering Committee for Harmonization with the European Union specified in the Circular of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, establishing and running sub-working commissions when deemed necessary.
organizing developer activities, performing other duties assigned by the Governor.